5 Best study tips to ensure good grades

Good Study habits can help you score good grades; they will also ensure you do well in your career. Use these study tips to become smarter and stand out in the crowd.

Today’s Information age has made our life easier by providing information at our fingertips, but at the same time it has created newer channels of distraction. Websites/apps like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp and Hike are taking a toll on our concentration. With the advent of these social tools of engagement it has become increasingly difficult to stay focused on our studies.

Good habits are crucial if we want to succeed in our school/college. Whether we are just beginning or in the middle of our studies it is important to have that crucial productivity boost, these study tips will help you maximize your grades.

  1. Preparing crucial notes: Taking crucial notes is a skill, and people who harness this skill have an edge over others. The trick is very simple; you have to record / register the key points of the lecture / textbook without writing down too much extraneous information.
    Psychologists say: when you focus and write something it makes an imprint in your brain, making it easier for you to recollect key points. So when you make these notes it helps you understand and learn the topic. If you are worried about missing some important information, feel free to reach out to your Teachers / Professors.
  1. Stay focused and increase your efficiency: Staying focused when you study is essential amongst distractions like notifications on your mobile / internet. These distractions take your focus away and reduce your efficiency, so you need to set some boundaries for these distractions. For example: say no to WhatsApp and Facebook during your class or study time. This will certainly increase your efficiency and help you focus and learn better.
  1. Organizing smartly: Organize your day today activities by maintaining an online calendar; this will help you track all your classwork, timetable, extra-curricular activities and social events better. You can also set reminders to prepare well in advance. This will help you to track your time better and set a defined time for your study every day. Make an Online To-do list and ensure to define a timeline for each task, having it online or on your mobile helps you access it anywhere anytime, so that you don’t miss on anything. Organize your study material, using sticky notes, create flashcards for key terms, label and categories them properly, these small things will be very handy and useful during your exams.
  1. Networking with friends and students from other colleges / schools: Having a good network of friends within and outside college / schools helps you keep a check on what is happening around and avoid studding in a silo. Having frequent discussion on study topics give different perspectives and helps understand the topics better, don’t hesitate to network and discuss with you Teachers or Professors. Sharing your thoughts and listening to others views helps you deepen your knowledge.
  1. Relaxing and Enjoying: You need to find the perfect study zone, some people like to listen to music and study, and some want a quiet room, some study in the night and some during day. So you need to find the right configuration where you enjoy your study time. If you make this as an everyday practice, you will be less tensed when exams are nearing.Make sure you take regular breaks. Take a 10 minute break every hour or so. Take a day or two off per week to help you keep energized.

Now that you know the study tips, it’s important to adapt these and develop good study habits. Stay connected with this blog space and keep getting tips and updates, which can help you be smarter and score good grades.

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