How to improve your Study habits

Students with good studying habits score higher in their exams.
If you believe that you have strong grasping skills, which will help you absorb all the knowledge presented by your teacher then it’s not enough, you will have to put your efforts in learning, understanding and actual application of these study material to master in a subject. The sooner you understand this and start developing good study habits, the greater are the chances of your academic success.

Every person is different, so there is no unique style that works for everyone. So it’s important to understand what style works for you and enhance it to build you own unique style. Below are a few tips on improving your study habits:

  • Review your key notes immediately after the class when the topic is fresh in your memory
  • Focus and learn the concepts first and create a mind map if possible. Don’t get burdened about all the vast details, once you have earned the concepts it is easier for you to grasp the topic
  • Prioritize and study the most important topics first. Make key notes when you read through your study material
  • Don’t try to schedule all you study just couple of days before your exams. Instead plan your studies in regular short spans to make the best of your time
  • Schedule a 10 minutes planning activity everyday where you review your schedule and plan for important activates you need to complete by tomorrow
  • Choose a place and time to study if that helps you, but don’t waste time just to find the right study mood. Have short study goals which will help you complete these goals and keep you motivated
  • Make sure you understand the subject and not just read and try to memorize
  • Take short breaks, this will help you retain the information and understand the topic better
  • Listen to soft music (not very loud) this will help you break monotony and keep you brain cells active and make learning more fun
  • Test yourself regularly to ensure you have understood the subject, also to analyze the areas where you are weak and need to do more work. You can take a quick test from the key notes you have prepared at the end of each topic and asses you progress.

Learning is a lot of fun when you enjoy it, good study habits not only bring fun in your learning but they also help you understand a subject well.

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